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...or something 


Hi, I’m the girl that makes Tiny Feels. You may know me from such popular pastimes as; Farting and Running Away So No One Knows It's You, and Eating Cheese Even Though You Saw Mold On It.


If you’ve stumbled upon this site thanks for dropping by and not judging me too harshly.


I've wanted to draw cartoons since I was very young and these buck-toothed lil' beaners are the result of that dream. I've held on to them since my early 20's. Now I am sharing them...and hope I don't regret it.


They aren't always funny, or happy, or smart or clever. They just are what they are--my brain farts and shower thoughts. 





I had a friend in Thailand. He was very talented.  If you ever see this Deaw, thanks for the legs...Though we parted ways a long time ago, I am grateful for so much.

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